Upgrade your business to its best possible self

I'm offering my skill set and experience to help you achieve it.

Crisis handling

Do you need to rescue a critical project/task?

Is your project's deadline in danger? Has the first product launch failed and you need to mobilize the whole company to work towards the successful production launch? Do you need to succeed with communicating important details across the company while not being sure how to do it?
For all the above and much more I'm happy to help. I'll quickly learn your company's hierarchy structure and will give you instructions on how to drive the whole company in order to:

  • deliver the project within the deadline or be able to communicate project prolonging to the company board

  • have a successful production launch

  • find or chase needed answers from anybody from your company

  • and more...

Process improvement

I'm bringing solution to any team or department

Being more than 10 years in global corporate companies gave me a huge experience on:

  • mapping AS-IS processes

  • finding gaps

  • creating solutions

  • taking a decision with highest management

  • bringing the changes to life

  • monitoring new reality

  • and training users

I can do all this and more for you as well.

Show me the process, team or department where change is required and I'll bring you solutions and results.


I can change the mindset and processes of your company

Being more than 10 years in global corporate companies gave me a vast experience with business transformation.

My overall view on business was shaped in years further on which means that I have absorbed knowledge of telco, travel agency, bank, SAP, IT development and logistics companies. ​

On my journey I have not only met waterfall, agile and their combinations, but I can also apply them wherever needed. With Agile I can help with Scrum or SAFe methodology.

With my skills and knowledge I can review your company and provide ways of possible transformations so your company could work better and generate more revenue.

Business analysis

I can provide a fast analysis of any business requirement

After 10 years of experience I have a special approach to analyzing requirements across the whole company. Some say that CBAP certification is a great way to be acknowledged for your analytics experience but I disagree. Real life has taught me well enough to know that CBAP is not needed.

Hence, here I am, ready for any task to be analyzed, discussed, all media such as meeting minutes or recordings or process maps will be provided along the analysis journey and all stakeholders will be informed all the time so the results of my work is transparent to everyone required.


Project is finished. System is working. But newcomers ask for a documentation. Where is it?

I guess that's the moment when if a company realizes that there is no documentation, it's bad. It doesn't matter whether it's for a system or a process. New employees or employees from different department would like to know how things work but they must rely on people who remember the process.

Let me help you with that.

I can interview people with the knowledge, read meeting minutes or articles or JIRA tasks in order to write a full documentation on any process or system.

Would you like that? Send me a message.

Company trainings

3, 2, 1, TRAINING!

Do you need someone who could train your business people on a topic but you don't have the trainers?

There is a simple solution to that - I can help you.

After 7+ years of training people I can learn the topic fast (or can get missing info) and then I'm ready to train your employees.

Let me know if you need my skills.

Corporate life

How to survive in a corporate

I can help you with:

  • What a corporate really is about and what to expect

  • Working with people on all hierarchy levels during all possible situations

  • Communicating across the corporate and finding the answers everywhere

  • Understanding specific corporate job positions and how to be great at them

  • Surviving and growing in a corporate with special hacks and best practices

  • Decision making of entering / staying / leaving the corporate



  • Zero previous experience necessary - you'll learn to choose applicable piece of advice, use it in real life scenarios to be prepared for whatever crosses your way in a corporate


Who this course is for

  • Anyone interested in how corporate companies really work and how to use the advice for their protection

  • Especially suitable for people who have never been employed in a corporate and seek some advice or help to understand what they might bring themselves into

  • Also helpful to experienced corporate employees who try to find the work-life balance


Management and work-life balance coaching

After more than 10 years working in different companies, I can help you with problems you might experience while working as a:

  • manager

  • teacher

  • delivery manager

  • business analyst

  • product owner / manager

  • trainer

  • process analyst

  • business operations consultant

  • communication consultant

Copyright @ 2022 Petr Kaduch

Copyright @ 2022 Petr Kaduch