So, it begins… I’m starting my blog series, after all. The thing is, I’m no writer, and I never thought I’d be doing this. But 14 years of colorful experience should be written somewhere to help others. At least it would help me back in 2008 when I started working.

To introduce myself a bit.

My name is Peter, and I work as a mutant most days. Why mutant? I can be a detective, philosopher, diplomat, negotiator, inventor, firefighter, and teacher. In other words, a business analyst, product owner/manager, delivery manager, communication expert, process manager, crisis manager, and trainer.

There will be three categories for my blog episodes:

  • Kaduch-Up

  • You all know agile daily stand-ups. And since I’m the only one standing here and talking about what I was working on, what I’m currently working on, and what damn issues I experience on the road, I renamed the ceremony to have the right sound.

  • Game of Corporates

  • Eleven years working for corporate companies will make a robot out of you no matter how hard you want them not to. The trick is to unchain yourself and become a human being again. In these episodes, I’ll share my deal of corporate stories, and trust me, there will be lots of ugly truths and pure real-life experiences there, so buckle up!

  • Dream-to-go

  • This is a side project to test some global collaboration with anyone who wishes for something but is unsure how to achieve it. I created this website on WIX Editor X: https://petrkaduch3.editorx.io/genie-main, but it stayed on a free tier, and I never launched it. So, these episodes will tell stories about how I helped others with their dreams and what I think is the best way to fulfill anything people wish for.

Cool, let’s begin! The Kaduch-ups will have a SCRUM structure – I will provide details in three main sections with names ‘DID,’ ‘DOING,’ and ‘DAMN!’. Ready? Houston, we are go for launch!


  • Or should I say, ‘Austin, we are go for launch? Now and then, I feel the urge to buy a book from the publishing house Melvil to grow my mindset again, to move up as a human being, and read something new from somebody else who is smarter than me or who looks like that they figured it out well in their life. That’s how I jumped into a book called ‘Show your work’ by Austin Kleon. Here is Austin’s website, and just for the record, this is no promotion; he just opened my eyes, that’s all. He and his book are responsible for this article series of mine. Otherwise, I’d sit smugly at home, keeping my knowledge for myself.

  • While working for one of my clients, I was asked to help implement the SAFe 5 methodology. In more upcoming episodes, you’ll hear about epic creation and SAFe 5 ways. So yes, I’m checking new opportunities for the whole company with my colleagues, and I will give them a form of an epic. Hence, there is a clear structure and a new ‘backlog’ of epics so the board can decide whether to postpone the idea, start it immediately or prioritize several epics. I’ll discuss SAFe 5 in the ‘Game of Corporates’ episodes.

  • I have been selected to become an ambassador for Freelance Business Community and will work with an incredibly creative team of ambassadors and the community founder Elina Jutelyte! I feel honored and look forward to making significant events for freelancers in Czechia.


  • Working on my blog because the series must cover 14 years of my experience; hence there must be some plan on how to do that properly. And who needs to create the project? I do. So, wish me luck; I think it’ll be a ride to remember.

  • Every evening I study full-stack development. My wife is a graphical and UX/UI designer. If I refresh my coding skills, we want to launch a small side project to support startups globally. We will give them their first website, brand manual, marketing materials, and other services, so they don’t need to hire expensive developers and designers to cover these needs at the beginning.


Yes, the issue section of the Kaduch-up.

  • One of my clients was problematic, and I had to end the cooperation because of unprofessional behavior from the client’s side. I was analyzing their internal processes and inventing TO-BE processes with the required automation for Microsoft SharePoint workflows. The issue was that after six extensive process analyses, I learned that the company didn’t have money for the automation they requested and that they wanted to keep internal systems to reuse current processes better. That means the manual work will be even worse, and you don’t want to be around to analyze such a mess.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/freelance/comments/9warh9/who_has_clients_like_this/

In case you got down here, thank you for your time, and if you have questions, send me a comment below.

Cheers, bye!

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