corporate life

How to survive in a corporate

Service Description

I can help you with:

  • What a corporate really is about and what to expect

  • Working with people on all hierarchy levels during all possible situations

  • Communicating across the corporate and finding the answers everywhere

  • Understanding specific corporate job positions and how to be great at them

  • Surviving and growing in a corporate with special hacks and best practices

  • Decision making of entering / staying / leaving the corporate



  • Zero previous experience necessary - you'll learn to choose applicable piece of advice, use it in real life scenarios to be prepared for whatever crosses your way in a corporate


Who this course is for

  • Anyone interested in how corporate companies really work and how to use the advice for their protection

  • Especially suitable for people who have never been employed in a corporate and seek some advice or help to understand what they might bring themselves into

  • Also helpful to experienced corporate employees who try to find the work-life balance

Price: to be discussed / 4 hours training