About Me

Passionate About Helping Others

It's been a wild ride in companies like Verizon, Expedia, ING, SAP, Société Générale, and others. The experience was amazing and now it's time to share it with others, so they could benefit from it as well.

The main experience I can provide is rescuing critical situations in a company. Do you have a tight deadline but the communication doesn't run as smoothly as you require? Has the first production launch failed and now you need to make amends in order to succeed with the second launch in a month? Is your project standing on information from all company levels but you don't know how to start and finish it? I could write many more scenarios but the answer will still be the same - I can help you with that.  

You might ask about my success stories, so here are couple of them:

  • Verizon - bringing new system for Professional Services up to speed to the validation and order entry teams, making the system work after chasing IT teams to fix bugs, training the teams on how to use the system daily until they were fluent in it (speeding up from 1 hour to 10 minutes while the team member was working on an order in that system)

  • ING - investigation team was daily working for 1 hour on manual copying prices of mutual funds from a notepad file to an excel macro with formulas in order to find price discrepancies, so I created a tool that did all of the manual work in 20 seconds so they could actually investigate issues

  • Packeta (Zasilkovna in Czechia) - project of a new company website for CZ and SK failed at the first production launch and I helped to deliver the successful second launch by communicating across the company, chasing the required information and developer updates, speeding up task closures in JIRA and many other activities so the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) website could run without problems

Aside these skills I love training people (trained people for more than 7 years), always finding a solution to a problem, writing documentation of any kind, analyzing business needs, connecting people to deliver the project value, defining better features for new systems/apps and and leading employees/managers towards a better way of handling just another day at work.


  • Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist

  • Certified SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager

  • Workplace Communication by TechSmith

  • BPMN 2.0

  • Leadership


  • Unlimited communication

  • 10+ years in corporate companies

  • Success in the most critical situations

  • Thorough analytical skills

  • Bringing empathy and decision-making to projects AND MUCH MORE...

Copyright @ 2022 Petr Kaduch

Copyright @ 2022 Petr Kaduch